Changing Paces

One of the things that I loved about Vitaliy when we first met was the way he could put me at ease. I can easily overwork myself and often feel unsettled even while resting. Unless I’m napping, then I’m dead to the world!

Naturally, that same character trait that I once loved while dating, became a major source of tension in marriage. How could that be? They warned me in pre-marital counseling it would happen, but I had my doubts. And then sure enough, it reared its ugly head.

We have two completely different paces of life. I’m constantly trying to speed him up, and he’s always trying to slow me down. Even so, I’m grateful. I cringe at the thought of the woman I might have become if Vitaliy weren’t in my life. I’m thankful for a husband with enough courage to slow me down to a pace where I can actually take in the life around me. To count my blessings. And to have enough time to be certain I’m actually running towards the right things in life.

Vitaliy, thank you for all these great snippets of our lives. If I had gotten my way, we wouldn’t have stopped to take them and memories could have been lost. I love you!