Cheer, Cheer

My feet sat comfortably on the dash board as the warm sun hit my white winter skin. The breeze was blowing through the window causing my hair to fly back and forth across my face as I leaned back in my chair trying to shield my eyes. I left my sunglasses at home and was paying the price for my mistake.

As I people-watched through squinting eyes, I saw a girl riding her bike in an open parking lot. As we drove closer, I realized she wasn’t a girl, but a young woman, and her boyfriend or husband was filming her. By the way she rode, I could tell she was likely riding a bike for the first time. He trailed closely behind her with his iPhone. I could hear him cheering her on behind the camera.

I wanted to turn back. To somehow capture this sweet moment. But sometimes pictures and videos fall short. And I didn’t want to interfere in any way, so I’m writing it down to remember how it made me feel. It made me smile with sentiments of simple joy. But as I pondered on the memory later, I found myself a little sad. When was the last time I cheered for Vitaliy in this way? I should be his biggest fan and loudest cheerleader. But often times I find myself more like a school principal.

I hope writing this down will help etch this in my memory and remind me to be a better wife. And if sharing it helps one person out there that’d be an added bonus. Happy Tuesday.

And here is a little peek at Saturday’s photo date.

Husband holding his wife in one hand and beach ball in another.