The 2016 Wedding Season

We officially survived our first wedding season as parents!

I remember how much joy I had when I accomplished a wedding season being pregnant. And then we started this year’s wedding season when Rose was still eating multiple times throughout the night. And I remember being nervous all over again. Wondering how we were going to survive. But we always do!

I’ve had so many people ask if we are still shooting weddings since having Rose. And the answer is ABSOLUTELY! I must say that this was an unexpectedly slower season than normal, but I am thankful that it ended up that way. It allowed us more flexibility to adapt to our new roles as parents and it allowed me to invest more time at home with Rose.

We are currently booking for the 2016 wedding season and we are so excited to see what’s in store. Most importantly, we’re excited to see who is in store! We have the best clients and we have you to thank. Our clients, our friends and our family have helped bring some very special people and weddings into our life. So, if you know anyone getting married next year, whether in California or not, please send them our way. We look forward to serving and celebrating them! The same way we have with you.

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