Adam + Abby
A SF Photo Date

I met them both my freshman year of college. It was very rare that you’d see one without the other. They were completely inseparable. When I reconnected with Abby on Facebook, it did not surprise me at all when her profile told me she was married to Adam.

What did surprise me, however, was to read that she was currently living in San Francisco. A mid-westy in my hood? I couldn’t wait to reconnect with them and find out how they were adjusting to life out west.

I thought for sure that Abby and Adam had met that first year of college, but it turns out they actually met in high school. These two have now been married for over 4 years and yet, if you were to see them, you’d think they were still high school sweethearts.

Abby and Adam, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to document your love. You guys are just as fun and sweet as I remember you in college. I hope as long as we are both in San Francisco, we will continue to make new memories together out West.

Guy has his arm around a girl while walking together and smilingOld car covered with moss. Couple sitting on top of a vintage car.Husband kissing his wife on the foreheadCactus in the backgroundGuy picks a girl up and swings her with red barn and cactus in the backgroundCouple laughing in front of a rusted vintage truck