10 Ways To Infuse More Fun Into Your Marriage

Fun in Marriage

Earlier this month, we recommended finding ways to be more playful in your marriage. Life can sometimes get the best of us. One day you wake up and that person you fell in love with feels more like a business partner than your best friend. You’re managing so many things together such as finances, children, schedules, etc that any ounce of fun gets put on the back burner until things settle down. But life never settles down and your marriage cannot wait. It needs your attention and it needs some relief in the form of some good ol’ fashioned fun. So, let’s get to it!

In case you just feel at a loss for ideas these days, here are some of our tried and true ways to let all the responsibilities go (they’ll be waiting for you when you return) and have some good laughs together. We actually are business partners so we have to make a conscious effort in this area.

10 Ways To Infuse More Fun Into Your Marriage

    1. Kids know how to have fun! Go find a kid friendly activity to do together. For example, hitting up the playground at a nearby park will make you feel like two kids again.

2. A little friendly competition always brings out flirting and laughter in Vitaliy and I. Perhaps a little table tennis, kite flying, or board games. Don’t be afraid to get physical!

3. Do a seasonal activity together. A summer carnival riding rides and eating cotton candy, a free concert in the park, or a winter snowball fight.

4. Go on a double date with close friends. Sometimes a little fun with others can go a long way.

5. Break the rules! Put the kids to bed early and make yourselves breakfast for dinner and even eat in bed if you want.

6. Have you been on a bike ride together lately? We don’t do this very often, but when we do, I don’t know why but we always have a ton of fun together.

7. Vitaliy loves making stuff together. For him fun looks like planting a garden, cooking a meal together, or finding some kind of DIY project to accomplish together.

8. Find a deserted or dimly lit street, park your car and make out like teenagers. A friend, married longer than me, gave me this advice once. I’m just sayin’.

9. Get away from your regular routine and daily responsibilities. Perhaps a secret rendezvous?

10. And if none of these are convincing, try one of these out!  10 Ways To Laugh Together

I feel like the constant theme above is staying young at heart together. So, let’s do just that and Make Marriage Happen by adding a bit more playfulness and fun into our relationships.