What Your Wife Might Be Trying To
Tell You


Today is the very last day of June. Where has the time gone?

I’ll end the month with my final post in our Love & Respect series. It’s always great hearing from you when I share. So thank you in advance!

While Vitaliy’s primary need in our marriage is respect, mine is actually love. But more practically speaking, I need to be cared for and feel most loved by Vitaliy when he shows genuine care for me. I thought I’d share a few of the ways that Vitaliy has surprised me with care, in both big and small ways.

1. Toothpaste waiting on my brush in the bathroom at night. Despite the day we might have had, this always puts a smile on my face because it’s a small reminder that he cares.

2. Loving my family as his own. During my dad’s recent trip to the bay area, I was blown away by all that Vitaliy did to take care of my dad and nephew. He definitely went above and beyond and it was so genuine.

3. Grocery shopping. It’s not my thing. But Vitaliy willingly offers to do our grocery shopping because he knows how much I dislike it. And it’s a good thing! He saves us so much more money than I would.

4. Opening the door for me. A small gesture, but one that goes such a long way with me. It’s chivalrous and attractive and always makes me feel cared for.

5. Doing powersheets. The other day Vitaliy worked on his powersheets and then shared his goals with me. As I mentioned before, these powersheets really help us communicate. It was wonderful to hear what’s going on in that head of his – and to know that a lot of his thoughts include me. Goals for our marriage or goals he has to provide for us. Not only did I feel cared for, but it turned me on. Just keeping it real! It’s attractive when a man pursues his goals, especially if those goals are geared towards supporting and providing for his family. Just sayin’.

Now, those are just a few things, some big and some very small. I only shared them to get the ideas rolling. Perhaps you think loving or caring for your wife is about getting flowers or buying her a special gift. And those could be part of it! But I would say more than anything, it’s about anticipating her needs and going out of your way to meet them. Sometimes it may require you to sacrifice a lot, and other times it can be such a simple gesture to let her know that you love her. And if you feel like you want to improve but have no idea what to do, just ask. She’ll feel loved just knowing you care. Ask her to write a list comprised of big and small ways you can better care for her needs.

And ladies, when our husbands do go out of their ways to love us, it’s extremely important for us to take notice and thank them for it. I learned the importance of this earlier this year! So be on the lookout! He may be caring for you already in more ways than you’ve noticed.

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