Yes, we photograph families!

In 2007, Vitaliy and I decided we wanted to try starting a photography business together. We had no idea where to even begin. We chose to offer our services for free for one month and try to book as many sessions as possible within that time frame. We figured it would give us the experience we needed while also helping us build our portfolio.

News traveled quickly and we were overwhelmed by the response. After a couple years photographing families, we really wanted to give weddings a shot. Once again, we offered our services for free to get our foot in the door and built the wedding side of our business up from there. We enjoyed weddings so much that we stopped photographing families for a season.

And then we had our first baby. Immediately, we had a passion to get back into family photography. However, by this point, we had mainly branded ourselves as wedding photographers. Practically speaking, it was like starting back at square one. That first baby of ours is now almost three and we also have a second daughter. But people are still asking me if we photograph families!

Yes, we photograph families! We are equally passionate about photographing families as we are about photographing weddings. Both hold such tremendous value to our clients. But understandably, becoming parents has drastically changed the way we approach family photography. It is now so much closer to our hearts! And we are better equipped to serve our clients. We know how valuable capturing these moments are, but we also understand how stressful it can be to make it happen with little ones.

We can’t wait to serve your family through photography! Find out more about the heart behind what we do by clicking on the video below. We hope you enjoy!