Adam+Jessica: Wedding at Beltane Ranch

Adam and Jessica’s wedding day was hot. I mean hot! A heat wave blew through California and collided with their wedding day leaving us all in a sticky state of sweaty bliss.

Bliss, yes! I don’t know how it was possible given the circumstances. But the minute Adam and Jessica saw each other for the first time, the heat faded into the background and they took center stage. They couldn’t take their eyes off each other and they were full of smiles. A nice breeze blew and I seriously considered it their wedding miracle.

Shaded by the large oak tree at Beltane Ranch, Adam and Jessica were surrounded by their closest friends and family. They shared their vows with laughter and tears and promised their lives to one another. The moment was absolutely perfect – the hot summer breeze, the setting sun, and two people in love. Congratulations to the happy couple!

You can read Adam and Jessica’s love story here. And you can also view our favorite memories from their day here: ADAM AND JESSICA: THE HIGHLIGHTS.

Adam and Jess, your wedding was so fun and romantic. There were so many wonderful moments to capture because you and your friends and family are so incredible. Thank you for inviting us to play the special role as your photographers. It was truly an honor and a pleasure for us both. Congratulations to you! We wish you a marriage filled with love and laughter.

Click here to see all the lovely details and the team of vendors that made this Beltane Ranch wedding so spectacular.

Bride and groom portrait with longhorn bull in the background. Beautiful sunset light.Bride and groom holding hands under an oak tree.Portrait of bride and groom

Bride looking at the grom with beautiful sunlight in the background.Groom gently caresses the bride on the neck.Bride and groom walking down the dirt road kissing.Bride and groom laughing underneath a huge oak tree. Beltane Ranch wedding photos.Sunset photos of the bride and groom. Beltane Ranch wedding photography.Bride and groom portrait under an oak tree. Beltane ranch photography.Bride and groom kissing in front of the old Chevy truck at Beltane Ranch.