Date Night Celebrations

I recently came across a few blog posts in my “drafts” that I never ended up sharing. As I reread this one, I wondered why it never made it to the blog. I resonated with it even now so I thought I’d go ahead and share it…

Last Saturday, Vitaliy and I decided to devote the evening to celebrating the end of the 2013 wedding season.

I find it so important to take time to reflect. To share areas that need improvement. And toast to the areas you are most thankful for. Vitaliy and I spend date nights going out to eat all the time. I know a lot of you do too. It’s easy. But this dinner was so different. Vitaliy kept saying on the way home what a great time he had. I felt the same.

But what made this dinner so much more memorable and enjoyable? It was intentional.

We had a goal in mind for the dinner. We wanted to reflect on the wedding season, on our business, to reminisce. In order to do this, we were very intentional about the questions we asked each other to spur our memories. We talked and toasted, we laughed and almost cried, we love and listened. We didn’t just let the conversation wonder wherever. And lastly, we spent a good chunk of the time celebrating. Keeping the conversation on a positive note makes the world of a difference at the end of the night. You return home filled up and hopeful.

For your next dinner date night, be a little more intentional about your conversation and I promise it will go a long way. Life is hard; spend time celebrating even the smallest accomplishments together.