Dresser Full
of Words

I will never forget the epic bike ride. But it wasn’t just the adventure on wheels that made me fall in love with the Ace Hotel. They had a dresser full of written word and the writer in me fell in love at first sight. It was as if every message in a bottle ever thrown out to sea had been collected and stored in one secret treasure chest in Portland.

I will say that a lot of the pieces I read were dark and gray. I appreciated the people’s honesty, but decided I would leave a slice of sunshine behind. I wanted whoever read my little piece of scrap paper to walk away with a smile.

So Vitaliy and I sat down to write each other a love letter. Then we threw it in the sea of other notes. And I couldn’t help but wonder who might discover mine. There is something profound about putting your thoughts down on paper. A permanent profession of my love for Vitaliy. Written down in history, kind of like my wedding vows, never to be broken.

3 jars with rubber bands, paper clips and erasers on top of the cabinet with drawers