Wedding at San Mateo Garden Center

A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition. Those were the words that caught Suzanne’s attention as she scanned Adam’s online profile.

She had been on so many unsuccessful dates she could have easily given up on the whole “online dating” scene. But as she read those words something told her this guy could be different than all the rest. As one would expect, she clicked on his picture to see the face behind the words. To her disappointment, she could hardly decipher how he looked based on the picture he shared. It would be something she would forever tease him about – he was lucky the rest of his profile made such an impression on her. She decided she needed to meet this mystery man.

Suzanne was Adam’s very first date on As a writer, her profile was filled with creativity, wit and humor. Adam couldn’t wait to meet her, so the two arranged their first date. As expected, Suzanne approached the meeting point having no confidence she’d be able to pinpoint Adam in a crowd. But she didn’t have to, Adam noticed her right away. To him she was even prettier than her pictures portrayed. And to her delight, he had the sunny disposition she was looking for. They each knew that would be their last first date.

Adam and Suzanne had a small, intimate wedding at the San Mateo Garden Center. Surrounded by close friends, family, and each of their two children, they promised their lives to one another forever. Nestled in the garden with a cool breeze, everyone danced in celebration to the sweet tunes of Bobby Joe Valentine. Adam and Suzanne started their marriage the same way they started their relationship, filled with laughter. It was a happy day indeed!

Adam and Suzanne, your wedding was filled with such sweetness and intimacy that it brought me to tears at times. Your love is fun and beautiful and I’m confident you’re going to have a marriage filled with love and a lot of laughter. You have a beautiful family to enjoy it all with. Congratulations! Love to all!

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