The Weekender

I haven’t written a Weekender post since Good Friday. Let’s get to it! And Happy Weekend!

I started these posts as a way to share a recap of my thoughts and findings from the week. It’s really just a way for me to ramble. Here’s a peak at my world lately.

Don’t Choose Easy – This is a family mantra that we have posted up as a constant reminder. This week it currently applies to weaning Rose from night feedings. I’m so happy we chose to do the hard work. It has proven to be a better solution for all of us.

Date Night – Last night was supposed to be date night but the lack of sleep from the week caught up with us and we opted for rest instead. Keeping a weekly date night makes missing one here or there not feel like the end of the world.

Better Boundaries – I received comments, text messages and emails regarding my recent post about my struggle with social media. It feels so good to know I’m not alone. It sparked a conversation during a coffee date with a friend and fellow creative who also shares in my struggle. We decided to take a baby step together! No social media after 4pm. Breaking bad habits is always easier when done in community.

KitchenTown – If you live on the Peninsula, this is my new favorite coffee shop. Finally a cute and creative shop in our area! Normally, I have to drive to San Francisco to get my fix. Along with great coffee and yummy treats, KitchenTown is also a makers’ space for local food entrepreneurs. Yes!! My next goal is to try their weekend brunch.

Our First Wedding – We are driving up to Sacramento tomorrow for our first wedding of 2016. And I’m so excited! Work these days feels like mini-getaways with Vitaliy. But I’m also thrilled because Alex and Tanya are one of the sweetest couples we’ve had the chance to work with. They have been counting down to the big day on social media and I can just feel my own excitement building with theirs.

Wild & Free – I am two chapters away from finishing this book. I have not had something speak so specifically to my heart as a woman in so many years. I had a goal to finish one book a week this month. It turns out I’m only going to get through one. But I am so thankful that it’s this! And I’m happy I took the time to savor each chapter.

What are you up to this weekend? What’s going on in your world?

Don't Choose Easy