Calendar Syncing vs. Calendar Sinking

Wall Calendar - January 2014

When I wrote down a few notes to prepare for this post, I titled it Calendaring Sinking. I’m not sure if that is a reflection of my spelling ability, or the lack their of, or my inability towards all things tech-y.

Thankfully, my husband always has my back and he’s a really good proofreader. Otherwise, you might be thinking that I’m asking you to drown your calendars which I’m sure some days we’d all like to do just that.

Vitaliy and I were first inspired to sync our calendars after hearing Mark Driscoll share how he and his wife approach it. They get together every Sunday or Monday night and share what they each having coming up, how they can support each other and then they sync their calendars at this point. Its a very good way to prevent conflict, practice communication, and stay on the same page all before the week even starts.

To make things even easier for us, Vitaliy and I completely synced our calendars together by having shared google calendars. This way we’re always up to speed with what’s going on in each others lives. What has also worked for our relationship too is that I’m the designated social chair for our family. I gather all the invites, scan our joint calendars, go over our options with Vitaliy, and then schedule or decline based on what we decide together. This is something that gets easier and easier over time as we learn each other strengths and what works best for us as a couple.

We’re now currently trying to incorporate this concept for our business life. We’re not only husband and wife, but also business partners and have to therefore communicate even more in order to stay on the same page. Managing expectations is a constant juggling act, but I think we’re finally finding something that works for us. It’s all about trying something out, communicating more, refining it, and working together to implement the process together. Then repeating that same sequence if needed.

Give it a try! I don’t have children yet, but I imagine running a household together is a lot like running a business together. You have to plan, communicate, and manage expectations. A simple and necessary place to start is by getting your calendars syncing, not sinking. The syncing will actually prevent your relationship from sinking.

Happy Tuesday! How do you handle planning and calendar scheduling in your relationship? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below! Let’s make marriage happen by being more intentional in the smallest of ways.

Styling by the lovely Kate from Style Smaller.