Food Festival

This past week, Vitaliy and I attended the Annual Armenian Food Festival & Bazaar in San Francisco.

My BAF (Best Armenian Friend) Tamar invited us and I happily accepted. There are two things that I love in life – food and culture. Combine those two things and you are destined for a great evening. And let me tell you, the Armenian Food Festival did not disappoint.

I had warm sandwiches outside and followed it up with a cafeteria style dinner inside. Of course, I don’t remember any of the names that correspond with the dishes, but I do remember the flavors. We ended the evening at their dessert bar and took ours to go so we could have a little slice of Armenian when we arrived home.

Besides the good food, you could easily see that the festival was really about the people. We enjoyed traditional Armenian dance. And as I scanned the area, I couldn’t get over the beauty of the Armenian people. But what was even more remarkable was how connected everyone seemed to be. You would have thought it was one big family reunion. And though we were outsiders ourselves, they made us feel like we were party of the family.

If you are local to the area, you must check out the Armenian Food Festival next year. It’s a unique and fun date idea. And even if you’re not local, cities all over America have cultural festivals. I’m positive there’s one in your area. Check it out! You’ll enjoy some new food and get to experience a new culture.

Armenian girls dancing at the Annual Armenian Food Festival & Bazaar in San Francisco, CAFood at the Annual Armenian Food Festival & BazaarBoys dancing at Annual Armenian Food Festival & Bazaar