A Photo Date

Whether Vitaliy and I are photographing a couple celebrating their engagement, an anniversary or just because, we encourage our clients to approach their time with us as a date. This is why we call our portrait sessions “a photo date.”

Two years ago Vitaliy and I decided to get some professional photos taken. I was surprised to find that I was extremely nervous as the day approached. Let’s just face it, being in front of the camera is intimidating.

During this photoshoot, Vitaliy will tell you, he kind of fell in love with me all over again. It was the first time we’d had our pictures taken since our wedding. And as most couples will find themselves in marriage, you do a lot of living side by side and not enough living face to face. Getting all dressed up, away from everyday life, and getting to look at each other, to really see each other, was a very special experience.

Ever since that photoshoot, we have approached photographing our clients differently. For us, it’s as much about the experience as it is about the photos. We want our couples to have a blast and fall more in love by the end of the session.

One of the ways we like to make this happen is with some form of “date idea” incorporated into the session. Take for example the Beach Party For Two. Having items like the beach ball and the picnic lunch helped loosen Kate and Brian up. It was less about us in front of them with a camera and more about the two of them having fun together. This encourages natural expressions instead of stiff, and sometimes uncomfortable posing.

And by the end of the session, everyone is at ease. They’ve had a good time. They realize being photographed is not as intimidating as they once thought. And they’re more comfortable with us too. This is the sweet part of the photoshoot. It’s at this point that we can push them a bit passed their comfort level where they’re willing to connect with one another in a way they typically only do when nobody else is around.

They’ll look at each other in that way that no one ever sees. Share the caress that is usually only shared when they’re alone. They finally let us in.

We are then able to deliver photos like these. No props or details. Just the two of them. Kate and Brian. Exactly as they are, in love.