The Weekender

The Weekender has become my new favorite thing to write.

It really helps me to slow down on Friday and look back on my week. To notice the little things throughout the week I may have missed. Reflection is always good. And with that in mind, here’s the latest Weekender. I hope you all have a happy, glorious, and restful three day weekend. We’ll be working most of it, but I look forward to putting my feet up on Monday.

Ovaxposed: Vitaliy and I used to dream hard about buying a VW van and driving cross country. I swear sometimes I married a hippy. I can’t imagine what our lives would look like had we been born in the 60s. We never did buy a van, but the cross country dream is still alive and strong. So, instead, I follow @ovaxposed and let my VW dreams continue to spark each time I come across him in my feed.

102.1 The Throwback Station: If you are local to the bay area, you can thank me later. Assuming you have a fondness for old hip hop and R&B. Give me more Biggie, more Tupac, more of it all! But seriously, let’s throw it back! The new stuff just doesn’t compare.

Progressive Dinners: Are my jam lately! We did a progressive dinner for our anniversary and we just did another for Vitaliy’s birthday. In case you’re new to the idea, you eat appetizers at one spot, move onto another spot for the main course, and then a third spot for dessert. We always start early to take advantage of Happy Hour for our first portion of the night. If you are local to SF, stop what you’re doing and go to Paprika in the Mission. All of your sausage and potato dreams will come true! And if you don’t have sausage and potato dreams then I might start questioning our friendship.

Date Night: We combined date night and Vitaliy’s birthday this week. See Progressive Dinner above! And then go try one for yourself and let me know how it goes! It’s the perfect way to slow things down and not rush through the night. Tip: Don’t over order at your first spot! Share a meal at your second stop. And you’ll still be ready by the time dessert rolls around. (I’m always ready once dessert rolls around though, regardless.)

Beijos Events: Shout out to PJ Dunn from Going Lovely for inviting me to this wonderful evening at Dig Gardens hosted by Beijos Events. It was the perfect girls night out! I got to see so many folks I haven’t seen in years! And meet a few new faces too! Thank you Beijos girls and Dig Gardens for taking such great care of us and spoiling us with so many goodies!

Di Gardens - Beijos Events PartyPhoto: Check out the creativity of Beijos and the amazing space at Dig Gardens! I feel like Beijos Events have such a fresh take on weddings – so bright and cheery!