I Just Don’t Love You Anymore

Make things happen!

We just grew apart. We woke up one day and realized we weren’t in love anymore.

You’ve heard this before, right? Or perhaps, you are currently having these thoughts yourself. People can grow apart and people can stop loving each other. But you don’t just wake up one day and come to that realization. There is a slow and steady progression for that to happen. And guess what – you can take steps to prevent both from happening. And even if you do find yourself there, you always have the option to grow back in love with each other. It’s never too late! Love never fails. Don’t give up. Do the hard work.

After going to the Making Things Happen conference last October, Vitaliy and I started doing the MTH Powersheets together. A lot of people attend the MTH conference for business reasons, which we did as well. But there were also a lot of things in our personal lives that we were hoping to address too. There were are things we need to change in order to protect our marriage and continue laying a strong foundation for the future. These powersheets are helping us do that and more!

I think a lot of marriages get into trouble because the couple starts out on the same road, but then at some point they hit a fork in the road. Without consistent and honest communication, it’s easy to get separated at the fork. You’re both still moving and progressing forward, but then one day you look over and see that your spouse is no longer on the same road, the same life path as you. It’s important to share your goals and dreams with each other. To make sure they’re headed in the same direction. To work through the spots that aren’t. And come up with a plan together. The key word there being “together”.

These powersheets were created to help individuals accomplish their dreams and goals and do the things that matter most to them in life. However, if you are married, your goals and dreams no longer affect only you. It’s important that your goals and dreams are complimentary to your spouse’s. They must work in harmony or you will likely find yourselves drifting apart.

Vitaliy and I just started using these sheets so we are no experts. But they have helped us already in tremendous ways – both personally and as a couple. There is nothing magical about them. But they can help you make small changes in your life that can develop into the big changes you’ve both been wanting – personally, professionally, and in your marriage.

Remember, if you want a marriage that works, one that is full of life, then you have to plan for it. You have to build a strong foundation. These worksheets are a tool that we use to invest in ourselves and as a result in our marriage. They help us to live with intentionality. At the very least, read Lara Casey’s blog to find some encouragement of any kind today. She’s the creator of the powersheets and definitely someone worth following.

Does this resonate with you? Click “Like” on the post or leave me a comment. We are focusing on being intentional in our marriages this month. I hope you find this tool helpful or I hope it sparks an idea on how you can be more intentional in your own relationship. Let’s make marriage happen this year! Please share this with a friend because, always remember, you are not alone.