Exuberant Floral Art Natasha Lisitsa

To say that Natasha Lisitsa is a florist does not seem like the correct title to convey what she does. Floral designer is better, but still seems to fall short.

Natasha Lisitsa, of Waterlily Pond, is a floral and event designer based out of San Francisco, but I believe she deserves the title of artist. The floral arrangements she designs deserve a place in museums, alongside statues and other works of art. This is likely why she has created unbelievable pieces for the deYoung Museum and St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco. My favorite being the Out of Water piece which was suspended above the baptismal font of the cathedral. Her work is creative and beautiful, daunting and overwhelming. You leave inspired to dig deeper into your own depths of creativity.

We weren’t surprised at all to find out that Natasha had her own book coming out entitled Exuberant Floral Art. But we were pleasantly surprised to hear that she had chosen one of Vitaliy’s images to include in it. The book is filled with color, imagination, and beauty – all the things that represent Natasha’s artistry. You’ll get glimpses of the thought process and design behind her work. If you love flowers, art and/or design, then you’ll enjoy the Exuberant Floral Art.

As wedding photographers, what we find most exciting is that brides all over get to enjoy the beauty of Natasha’s artistry on their wedding day. She casts vision and designs weddings as unique and beautiful as each bride she works for. Vitaliy had the pleasure of second shooting this wedding of Natasha’s alongside the talented Teresa Halton Photography.

We are honored to be a part of Natasha’s exciting book launch and we look forward to our next opportunity of working with her again.