Date Idea: Valentine’s Day Advent Calendar

December came rushing into my life so quickly that I never got around to creating an advent calendar. I was so disappointed until I realized I could redeem the idea for Valentine’s Day. There is something special about building up the anticipation for an event.

When Vitaliy and I were dating, we never really liked the idea of Valentine’s Day. We always felt that love should be celebrated in small doses on a consistent basis. That’s not to say that doing something big for your loved one is a bad thing. But if you only do something once a year because you’re obligated to, they’ll likely notice.

This Valentine’s countdown will give you a little bit of both. It will allow for small celebrations as it leads you up to the big day when you can go all out. We created it together and it made me even more excited for February to arrive.

Here are a few pictures to get you inspired and you can even take a peek at some of the ways we’ll be celebrating next month. Remember, you can click on the images to view them larger.

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Pink and red envelopes from Paper Source with Valentine's Day countdown calendarvalentine's day, diy project, date ideas, romancePink and Red envelopes with handwritten notecards for Valentines's Day
Writing numbers on the envelopes with a marker valentine's day, diy project, date ideas, romance