In A Box

I honestly believe that a relationship cannot survive on it’s own.

Vitaliy and I didn’t make it to 6 years of marriage without the support, prayers and encouragement of friends and family. And not to mention, some counseling in the mix too! Besides gaining wisdom from others, having loved ones celebrate with you makes life sweeter. And there isn’t a better cheerleader than my mom.

Her love language is definitely gift giving. So it didn’t surprise me at all when a package arrived on our doorstep the week of our anniversary. Inside was our very own “Happy Anniversary” sign. And the beautiful thing is that we can use it to celebrate this year and the years to come. She even designed a special box to help preserve it. I can’t wait to take a picture with it every anniversary and see how we change over the years.

Each piece was cut and glued with love. Thank you, Mom! I don’t know how it’s possible, but you seem outdo yourself each year.

I wanted to share this idea with you, my readers, for two reasons. First, in case you wanted to steal the idea and make it your own. And two, to remind you to reach out and celebrate a couple you know. We got to do this recently and it made us even more excited about celebrating our own marriage.

So go! I know a couple already popped in your mind. Go send them a card. Babysit their kids. Or make them a sign so big and special they’ll have no excuse not to hang it with honor. Because let’s face it, every year a couple remains committed and in love is a victory. A victory worth celebrating!