Whiskey Library

The Perfect
Manly Date Idea

Vitaliy and I just returned from another lovely trip to Portland to visit his 91 year old grandmother.

Portland holds a special place in our hearts. Grandma is the main reason, but Portland’s creative energy and charming neighborhoods also keep us coming back for more. Being back there reminded me of an epic date night we had earlier this year that I never shared with you. Our date nights are looking a little different these days (this is pre-baby). Or this may have been the evening that led to said baby. Just kidding…kind of.

I was very excited about this date night because I planned it all on my own and it was set to be a surprise for Vitaliy. I think it’s important to have a good balance of activities that you both like to do and this one was planned completely with my Scotch-enthusiast in mind. I came across the Multnomah Whiskey Library in one of my social media feeds and pinned it on a secret board. I knew I had to take Vitaliy on our next trip to Portland. I did some further research on Yelp which really came in handy to get the best possible experience. It has a total underground, exclusive club vibe to it which can either attract or repel potential customers. I just planned our visit around all the feedback and we enjoyed every minute. The spirits and the eats were pretty unforgettable and we got to enjoy them in such a unique environment.

Perhaps your date nights need a little bit of a masculine touch to get your husband a little more excited. Multnomah Whiskey Library is located in Portland, Oregon, but I feel like these underground Prohibition type bars are popping up all over the place. Do a little research! Or just plan your own tasting at a nice bar/restaurant in your area. Regardless, the idea is to plan a date with him in mind and fully participate in something he loves.

Here are some other Portland inspired date ideas for those visiting the area or for sparking an idea to implement in your own town.

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Interior of Multnomah Whiskey LibraryDate night at Multnomah Whiskey Library in Portland, ORInside decor and feel of Multnomah Whiskey LibraryLeather couches and chairs at Multnomah Whiskey LibraryDate night at Multnomah Whiskey Library in Portland, ORWall of whiskeys at Multnomah Whiskey LibraryMultnomah Whiskey Library in Portland. OR