Breakfast in Bed
Anniversary Edition

Vitaliy and I are only days away from our 7 year wedding anniversary.

My mind has been racing with ideas of how to celebrate. Some years we’ve done elaborate celebrations and other years we’ve kept things simple. We had originally planned to have a big party with family and friends for our 7 year anniversary. But this year has been such an adventure in itself we’ve decided to save that for another time.

Our plans for the special day are still in the works, but we’re thinking of doing something simple and meaningful. Something in line with this breakfast in bed idea that we had the pleasure of photographing for Style Smaller. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t enjoy being pampered first thing in the morning. But what makes this idea so special is the chain link love note that goes along with the meal. Everyone learns how to make a paper chain link in kindergarten so this can be executed by anyone. Kate, who designed this idea, recommends writing something you love about the person on each link. I love your smile. I love how hard you work. I love your kisses.

Anniversaries can come with a lot of expectations. Communicating ahead of time to manage those will help the day go perfect for everyone. But most importantly, just be sure to celebrate. No matter how elaborate or how simple. Every year is worth a celebration.

These photos were taken in collaboration with Kate from Style Smaller. Be sure to check out her blog for more lifestyle inspiration.

Anniversary date idea for breakfast in bed with chain link notes of what the person loves about the other.Tray with breakfast food for anniversary date ideaHandmade chain links with love notes on them.