to the 1950s

Last month we had the pleasure of being a part of The Lab Event, a not-so-ordinary bridal experience.

We were assigned the Peony Pop inspiration board designed by Snippet and Ink reader Tara Matthews. It was so much fun to meet her at event!

The next item of business was to get together with our team and start the creative process of bringing this board to life. Working alongside such an incredible team of creatives was definitely the highlight of our Lab experience.

By the end of our meeting, we collectively decided that a wedding vignette was not complete without a real bride and groom. Something that, I believe, was a first at The Lab Event. That made it even more exciting! We knew the perfect couple to portray our non-traditional 50s inspired wedding.

We photographed Brian and Shayla’s wedding in May of 2012. They are both extremely creative – Shayla is a hairstylist and Brian is a graphic designer. It was such a pleasure to work with them again! As we expected, they were perfect for the part.

Here are the “engagement” photos we took of Brian and Shayla that were printed, placed in gold frames, and then hung within our vignette. As we researched the 50s for inspiration, we decided we wanted something that loosely represented the era. We wanted it to have throwbacks to the 1950s, but still work for today’s bride and groom. We specifically shot for black and white, kept an editorial edge, and wanted a moody feel to the images. We were thrilled with the final results!

Balck and white photo of a dressed up couple sitting next to each otherGirl with blonde hair, fur collar and white gloves about to kiss her man50's inspired photoshoot. Couple holding hands with San Francisco buildings in the backgroundClose up of an intimate momentCouple hugging each other on the streets of San Francisco. White lace dress, vest, bowtieGirl and a guy walking arm in arm on the streets of San Francisco.High contrast black and white photo of a 1950's inspired coupleEditorial photo of a girl walking in San FranciscoBlack and White photo of a guy. Gritty Background. Harsh light. 1950's inspired portraitBrian gently kissing Shayla on the forehead with cable car in the background. San Francisco, black and white photography, 1950's inspired portraits