The Weekender

Big Sur Sunset

My first Weekender of the New Year. I started writing these on Fridays this past year and it became one of my favorite things to write. A small reflection on my thoughts, happenings, and finds.

Artexperience: If you follow Pictilio on Instagram, then you are likely seeing Vitaliy’s photos with my words. It’s usually the same for our blog too. He’s the eyes of Pictilio and I’m the voice. That’s how we are wired, those are our passions. His art is photography, mine is writing. But both are often the last thing on our to-do-lists. Fear usually has something to do with it. This year, our goal is to create. He wants to take and share more photos, and I want to write and share more words. Sometimes together and sometimes on our own. So, if you aren’t already following Vitaliy on Instagram, I’d suggest you go do that today. I’m his biggest fan. The one who knows all he has stored up – in photos, in thought, in heart. And I’m so excited for the world to get to experience more of what I get to enjoy every single day.

Adele: I liked Adele before, but am falling more and more in love with her. The new album, different interviews I’ve seen, and now this video – I’m hooked! Give me more Adele.

On Writing: I never know what I want for Christmas. When a loved one asks me for suggestions, my mind always draws a blank. But this year was different. I wanted On Writing by Stephen King. So much so, that I received two copies. And I now read it every chance I get. Underlining and all! It’s good, and inspiring, and challenging. If writing is your passion, go grab a copy now. King makes an instructive book on writing enjoyable to read.

California: December marked Vitaliy’s 10 year anniversary living in California. Mine is this February. 10 years! It took me about 4 years to start enjoying it here in the Bay Area and now I can’t imagine ever leaving. It’s not where I envisioned living, but I am so thankful God’s plans are so much better than my own. And now that my Rosie is a California girl, I love it all the more.

A Night In The Life: Ok, normally, I like to share what we did for date night on my Weekenders. It’s kind of a point of accountability for me to make sure date night happens that week. But to be honest, I can’t remember the last date night we had. With travel and then the holidays and then trying to hit the ground running in the new year, we haven’t made a legit date night happen in awhile. But we’ve still managed to carve out moments to give to each other. Hopefully Vitaliy feels the same on his end, but I’ve still felt his love in other notable ways that I hang on to when date nights are scarce. It cracks me up writing this, but I gotta just keep it real. Tonight, Vitaliy helped me look for pajamas online (I hate shopping so I’m giving online shopping a try). Then I needed to take some measurements, but we couldn’t find the measuring tape because some of our stuff is still in boxes (yes, still in boxes!) so he measured me with a steel tape measure. Rose slept and we laughed and I hesitantly placed my order. This is a night in the life of the Prokopets. And I sit here and think about this small gesture and am overwhelmed. I imagine there are very few husbands who’d take the time to help their wife decide on a pair of pajamas. Even fewer who would take their measurements without judgement. And the very best part of it all, to be best friends and get to laugh together at the absurdity of it all. If you are single, my best recommendation would be to marry your best friend. If you do, I promise life will be fun. It will still be hard, but it surely be fun.

Happy Weekend my friends!