The Cheapest Date Ever


Vitaliy and I once spent less than $3 for a date night.

We spent the evening at a local Peet’s Coffee and ordered a pot of our favorite Lemon Rose tea. We sat across from each other, sipped, and talked. It was nothing elaborate, but we still comment that it was one of our favorite date nights ever. And the funny thing, it was our cheapest date ever.

They’re not all going to be brilliant. There may be weeks when one of you has the time to invest in a detailed plan for the evening. And there may be seasons where you will be able to invest more financially into a night or weekend away. But there will also be times when you are physically or financially depleted. Does that mean date night gets kicked to the curb?

Date nights will look different depending on the season of life. But your relationship always deserves an investment. Because no matter the season, your spouse needs you. And no, it can’t wait for the schedule to slow down or for the bank account to replenish itself. Date night is not about the investment you make into the activity, it’s about the investment you make into each other.