Praying for Ukraine

Some days, some weeks, just don’t go as planned. And I’m starting to learn that’s ok. Yesterday was one such day. And I’m beginning to think I’m in such a week.

We woke up Tuesday morning to terrible news from Ukraine. It’s hard to be genuinely concerned about your to-do-list when people are fighting and dying for simple freedoms in Vitaliy’s home country. Not to mention, his two sisters and brother-in-law are living in the very city where the majority of the fighting is taking place. I need to write a blog post. We need to edit these photos. It’s amazing how emotions can effect your energy and productivity levels. I’m not going to lie, I worked from bed yesterday. I answered emails while checking the latest live footage of Ukraine, reading the most up to date news articles, and trying to focus long enough to say prayers. Because what we really need is for God to move.

It’s hard to believe that only 8 months ago we walked the streets of Ukraine. In fact, we walked in the exact areas where the fighting is taking place. We were just there! But now we are here. And our family is there. And that’s hard. Prayer is real and it is comforting. It helps you focus on the only One who is able. But it doesn’t always permanently remove the fear of the unknown. It doesn’t take away the concern for your family. There still remains this heaviness in your heart. And then you are reminded to pray again. I can only imagine what Vitaliy feels as this is his people and his country.

I made myself write today. I honestly did not want to. My thoughts are all over the place and I didn’t want to formulate them. But I want to remember this time. This is history. This is part of our story. If I want to be a writer, I can’t just write when I feel like it. Sometimes you have to do art when everything in you is telling you not to. And sometimes you have to pray when everything in you is asking, what’s the point.

If you’d like to know more, watch or read. And please pray or spread the word. Thank you!

Ukrainian Flag