Picnic Perfect

With the onslaught of warm weather, I can’t shake the idea of getting outside for the first picnic of the season.

These past engagement photos of Matt and Claire are the perfect inspiration for a picnic spread. I envision something very similar in my near future. You just can’t go wrong with salami, creamy cheese, and sweet fruit. And with the love of your life by your side with a glass of red vino – you have, what I would say, is picnic perfection.

Anyone else out there have a craving for a picnic?

Guy and a girl enjoying a picnic at Wilder Ranch, Santa Cruz, CAPouring the wine into a wine glassGuy and girl holding wine glasses and getting ready to kissCouple hiding behind the wide brimmed straw hat (probably making out) with thumbs upCouple drinking wine and eating together on a picnic blanket in Santa Cruz, CA Wilder Ranch