Never Imagined

We’re on our way to Palm Springs to shoot a wedding and it got me thinking.

I never imagined having a job that would bring me such fun opportunities.
I never imagined owning my own business, or being a photographer.
Which then got me thinking…

I never imagined I’d quit college.
I never imagined I’d move to California.
I never imagined I’d start my marriage with a teenager.
Heck, I never imagined I’d be married…to a Ukrainian no less!
If I did ever envision marriage, I never imagined not having a mother and father-in-law.

Everything in my life right now is not how I ever imagined it, and yet, it far exceeds my imaginations. I couldn’t have thought up this crazy life, but I’m thankful for each piece. This week I’m learning that I don’t really have control over my life as much as I like to think I do. I’m learning to trust the One who really does. He gives and He takes away.

I never imagined I would know, love and trust in Jesus.