Meet Rose!

Meet Rose

Allow me to introduce to you the newest member of the Prokopets family – Rose Svitlana.

This precious little girl made her appearance exactly on her due date, February 14. Since Candace is a Christmas Day baby, we decided to continue with the tradition of holiday birthdays ;) Her mother and I have been absolutely smitten by the amount of joy and laughter that she has already brought to us. We are utterly and completely in love with this little girl.

It has been a wonderful and an adventurous journey for us. There were a few scares and complications during delivery, but God was faithful to see us through every step of the way. I find it so hard to express in words exactly how I feel as a husband and now also a father. Watching my wife go through the process of a natural childbirth gave me even more respect and admiration for this amazing woman that I get to call my wife. Her perseverance and determination is inspiring and I simply love watching her take care of Rose.

I find it strange, even 10 days into it, to think of myself as a Dad. It blows my mind that I have a daughter and that I get to take care of her and see her grow up. My heart is overwhelmed with so many kinds of emotions and sometimes it’s hard to keep these eyes dry. But for now I can say that the amount of love that I feel for this precious girl rivals that of the first time I fell in love with her mommy. Needless to say, I am lucky enough to be surrounded by two of the cutest girls the world has ever seen.

I want to thank all of our family, friends and clients who have showered all three of us with so much love and support during the last 10 days. You guys rock!