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I cannot believe the amount of writing I’ve been doing lately, but I’m loving every minute of it.

I first discovered I enjoyed writing while I was in Ukraine after the accident. I would send home emails to friends and family giving them updates and asking them for specific prayers. People often replied sending their love and they would mention my writing. I suppose that’s how it all started. Something else good that came out of the bad. Thank you, Lord.

Just this morning I submitted a condensed version of my faith story to Lara Casey who is looking for stories for a book she is writing. I tried to keep it concise, but that is one thing I’m not so great at – keeping things short, cutting out the unnecessary. I’m learning though. Whether or not my story is chosen for the book, I am thankful to have gone through the process of writing my story. That was one of my goals for this year and now I can already check that off my list. If you have a step-of-faith story you’d like to share, go here. Lara is accepting submissions until Friday.

I also had the pleasure of doing a fun interview with Delighted Magazine a few weeks ago. We share all kinds of details I’ve never shared before and you can see some pictures of our little office space. One of the questions we answer is, what do you love most about being a part of the wedding industry? I told a sweet story about a wedding coordinator I know, Rhi from Hey Gorgeous Events, who both surprised and inspired me with the way she serves her clients. I had to give her a shout out here too because she’s incredible. If you are getting married, check her out, you will be in good hands. I got very personal in this interview so I hope you enjoy getting to know us better.

You can read our interview and all kinds of other goodies in Delighted’s latest issue here: DELIGHTED MAGAZINE: WINTER 2014

And big thanks to Mandy for including our photo on the cover!

Delighted Magazine Cover