Done Is Better Than Perfect

Screenshot of About Us page

Phew! What a week we’ve had! I seriously was in bed and asleep by 9pm last night.

I was exhausted!! I’ve been MIA the last week or so because we were preparing for a talk on marriage that we gave yesterday at a local MOPS group. I’ll be sharing more soon! But I will say, I fulfilled a dream I’ve had for years while simultaneously walking through one of my biggest fears, public speaking. Facing fears is exhausting!!! But still worth it, as I learned yesterday.

Speaking of dreams, well, this was more of a goal then a dream, but I hope this story encourages you today. Before Rosie Posie was born, we decided to take new photos for our About Us page and created a new video to replace the one on our Home Page. I figured we wouldn’t have the energy once Rose arrived and I had no idea if I’d want to be in front of the camera after being pregnant. And we actually managed to make both happen! And then we sat on the video footage and the photos for more than a year! More than a year!

But we finally, finally put the pictures up last week! I think we were holding out for perfection. Perfection will always prevent progress. I think we were waiting for the perfect time to make some big changes on our website. Who knows! I honestly can’t remember at this point, but I’m so thankful that we’re making changes. We’re finally starting to learn the art of shipping instead of waiting for everything to align in the perfect moment to hit send. Done is now better than perfect in our world! I think having a child helped us with this!

We could have been tempted to put it off even longer. I mean the photos are so old now, maybe we should just wait and take new ones at this point. But again, that’d be waiting for perfect. I have no idea when we’d take new photos at this point, and to be quite honest, these photos mean so much to me. They were taken when I was only a few months pregnant with Rose. And I miraculously found this dress at Anthropologie that will forever be a special piece of clothing – the blue and pink print represented a very special time in my life. We had no idea if baby Rose was a little boy or a little girl. I’m so excited to finally see these photos on our website!

We ended up deciding not to put the video on our homepage. We opted to replace the old video with a slideshow of some of our favorite wedding photos. I hope one day we’ll edit the video footage and share it on our blog, but I think we have changed and our brand is evolving in news ways that surpass the message we were originally going for.

So, go check the changes out! Let us know what you think! And if you’ve been sitting on a dream you’ve been dreaming for years or a goal that’s been hanging over your head for what seems like forever, just take a step today. A baby step! And maybe you just need to ship it as is, in it’s imperfectly perfect condition. Remember, done is always better than perfect.

Photo: I have to give a shout out to my girl Melanie Meyer who did my hair for these photos. I absolutely LOVED what she did and my experience having it done! If you need your hair done for a wedding, event or photoshoot, go to Melanie!