Date Idea:
Dining Table Tennis

Couple playing ping pong laughingPing pong at home - date ideaCouple playing table tennis at home on the dining room tableRed Envelope dining table tennis set Brian

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it hundred times more – there is value in date nights.

Each one is like making a personal investment into your relationship. Whether they are simple or elaborate. Whether they are emotional or just plain fun. Each is worth the time and energy you put in.

I have a lot of friends with children who have a hard time making date nights happen. Babysitters are expensive and date nights take even more energy to plan when you already feel depleted. If you’re in that boat, we have a treat for you today. I got a little help on this one from my friend and mother of two, Kate, from StyleSmaller. She found a perfect way to have a little friendly competition with her husband without having to leave the house. A perfect date idea to enjoy after putting the kids to bed at night.

Introducing Dining Table Tennis by Red Envelope. Let the games begin!

This would be a unique Valentine’s Day gift and one that could result in a ton of fun. And since February is all about being affectionate, feel free to offer hugs, kisses, tickling and teasing to your opponent.

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