Chandeliers & Comfort Food

While visiting Vitaliy’s grandma in Portland this past week, we decided to take a little getaway downtown.

We arrived just in time for brunch on Sunday. After much deliberation, we decided on Mother’s Bistro and Bar. I was cold, wet and hungry, but the minute I walked into the dining area of Mother’s, my gray mood immediately turned bright. The wall to wall windows allowed me to watch the rain fall outside while staying warm and cozy inside. But nothing said cozy like the menu at this place. Their breakfast and lunch options were equally appealing, but we couldn’t pass up our favorite dishes. Biscuits and gravy for Vitaliy. French Toast for me.

Between the romantic chandeliers and the hardy comfort food, we thought it was a perfect spot for a date. If you live in the Portland area or are planning a trip there, be sure to take your special someone to the Mother’s Bistro and Bar.