Breakfast for Dinner

My love for sweets leaves me with a special fondness for breakfast time. But with wedding season about to get underway, our lazy Saturdays will soon be coming to an end.

Not ready to give up one of my favorite times of the week, Vitaliy made me these delicious pancakes last Friday night. Breakfast for dinner has always been a favorite of mine so I think this should be a great substitute for the summer.

Believe it or not, these Oat and Banana Pancakes are vegan. I’m not really the vegan type, but we’ve been experimenting a bit and I’ve been pleasantly surprised. They are simple and easy to make, and delicious with or without syrup. They’re just that good!

Here’s to the perfect breakfast dinner date for two! (But if you have kiddos, they’ll likely want to join you.)

You can find the recipe to these delicious pancakes on Enjoy!

White bowls on an old vintage dinner tableMaking banana oatmeal pancakesPreparing oatmeal banana pancakesPerfect date night idea - breakfast for dinner.