Beach Day

For the past 6 years, every time the weather was warm enough to go to the beach, it would happen to fall on a weekday. I worked an office job at the time and was unable to take the day off on such short notice. I hated seeing the disappointment on Vitaliy’s face.

When I quit my job to join Vitaliy doing Pictilio full-time, I promised him that we would have many beach days in our future. In Northern California, there are very few days warm enough to lay in the sun on the coast. So I promised him that as long as we weren’t photographing a wedding, we would drop anything to head to the beach when those days came.

Over the weekend I heard that the weather was going to be beach worthy on Monday. But our to-do-list hung over my head and I was tempted not to mention the idea. My promise lingered in my thoughts. And that’s when the question came.

Was I going to be Vitaliy’s business partner or his wife?

When I was preparing to join Vitaliy, I made an agreement with myself in order to protect my marriage. I promised myself to be Vitaliy’s wife first and his business-partner second. It’s a daily decision and I don’t always choose the right one but I’m happy to say that Monday I did. We closed our computers and spent the day at the beach. As husband and wife.

So I thought I’d ask…

Is there an area in your life that needs some re-prioritizing?