Angel Island
Bike Ride

When I have someone coming for a visit, I love playing tour guide but I do try to avoid the areas that attract the most tourists. My favorite location to share with people currently is Angel Island, but I’m shocked at how many of my local friends have never been.

Ladies and Gentleman, whether you are local to the area or a first time visitor, Angel Island is absolutely ideal for a date. Take notes, or pin this link, then go make plans with the special person in your life.

Date Idea: Biking and exploring Angel Island

Highlights: 360 degree views of the bay, historical sights, architectural gems, beautiful bike ride, freedom to explore, picnic areas, beachfront, a little cafe, and so much more.

The Deets: Visitor Info, Ferry Options, and Bike Rentals.

After visiting a few times now, here are a few of our personal recommendations.

We love taking the ferry from Tiburon. Coming from the Peninsula, we enjoy the exciting drive over the Golden Gate Bridge and are thankful to avoid traffic and parking in San Francisco. Tiburon has a parking lot where you can park for about $10. But if you don’t mind the trek, you can usually find a spot up the hill into the neighborhood for free.

Research the weather, but wear layers no matter what. Like any location near the bay, the weather can get pretty chilly because of the wind. But with an active bike ride and if the sun makes an appearance, you’ll want to be able to remove layers.

Bring your own lunch instead of eating at the cafe. There are picnic tables scattered throughout the island, but if the weather is warm enough, we recommend picnicking at the little beach located about halfway around the island.

The bike ride can get a little challenging at times so if your date is not into bike riding or outdoors this may not be the ideal date. I don’t do a lot of biking, but I really enjoy the ride. Don’t rush through the ride, take breaks and enjoy the views, and be sure to plan for a long break for lunch. If biking is not your thing, there are also segways, scooters, and tram tours available for rent. And of course, you can always run or walk the island too.

To save money on rentals, you are allowed to bring your own bike on the ferry and onto the island. Due to the terrain, roller skates, roller blades, skateboards, scooters, and personal segways, are prohibited. We like to bring our own bikes so that we’re not rushing back in order to save money on the rentals. They can get expensive!

Be sure to keep track of time. You don’t want to miss your ferry to the island and you don’t want to miss the last ferry going home.

Have you ever been to Angel Island? I’ll definitely be going back so feel free to leave any of your own tips in the comments. But if you are reading this and you’ve never been to Angel Island, stop what you’re doing and put it on the calendar now.

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