A Blind Date

It typically works like a blind date only they have the advantage because they know what we look like from our website. Like any good date, we try to arrive early and prepare everything before their arrival. We order a pot of tea and play the waiting game. Vitaliy and I try to see if we can guess who they are before they spot us. Surprisingly, we’re pretty good at it.

The highlight of a wedding consultation for me is to sit across from a couple and watch as they share the story of how they fell in love. There is truly nothing quite like it and the minute it starts to get old, I think we should start looking for a new career. Because what we do as photographers directly correlates with this story. The pictures we create are simply a reflection and an extension of the love established during those first days of their relationship, those days when their love started to grow and their commitment to one another began.

I hope we all continue telling our stories and listening to others’. It keeps the love alive. I’ve not seen this done better than in the movie When Harry Met Sally. I could watch these clips over and over and never be tired of them. I hope to one day be old and gray and still telling the story of how I met a handsome boy from Ukraine at the cafeteria table in college.