Your Love Needs Laughter

In August of 2005, Vitaliy’s entire family was in a car accident in Ukraine. Tragically, his mother, father, and little brother did not survive. His two younger sisters survived but were in critical condition. And his brother-in-law walked away with minor injuries.

As one can imagine, this was a very trying time for us. But it was also a defining point in our relationship. After a long discussion with Vitaliy, family and friends, and an immense amount of prayer, I decided to quit school, pack my bags, and head to Ukraine with one mission in mind.

My goal was to keep Vitaliy laughing in the midst of serious pain.

Obviously, there were other factors to this trip. Other areas of importance. But this was rooted in my heart; it was an underlining focus as we lived out the tragedy in Ukraine.

Grief and pain look different for every person. I am not suggesting that you try to avoid or medicate your pain, grief or stress with laughter. But here is what I am saying.

Life is hard. And marriage is even harder. You may be faced with a serious tragedy or just the stress of every day life. But when trying to navigate through your own feelings and those of the one you love during these times, it only makes things that much more difficult. It’s easy to get lost or stuck in the labyrinth of emotions. It easy to lose each other in the mess.

I recommend incorporating some laughter into your life. To loosen up that tenseness in your body. To remind yourself that you do enjoy your husband/wife who you wake up to each morning. That there is more to life than whatever problem you’re currently facing.

Find a way…no! MAKE a way to laugh with the one you love. It will give you and your relationship the break it needs. The love it needs. And you’ll be able to return back to life’s challenges, hand in hand, ready to face whatever lies ahead TOGETHER.