A Year of
Date Ideas

This is the year to MAKE MARRIAGE HAPPEN. This is the year to make your marriage happen.

I believe it can be done one date at a time. The date idea is less about the activity and more about making a conscious investment into your relationship. By setting aside time to focus solely on each other, you are telling your spouse they are your priority. You are also telling yourself that marriage is your priority. Both of which are reminders worth repeating on a consistent basis.

Date nights aren’t just going to happen. You have to plan for them. And then you have to fight for them. To be more intentional about our dates this year, Vitaliy and I trying something new. Here’s the idea – map out a minimum of one date each month. More dates are always recommended, but hopefully this will help you accomplish at least one special date each month this year.

Here are the instructions:

1. Brainstorm 12 date ideas with your spouse. Mix things up with dinners/activities/sight seeing/etc.

2. Once you’ve decided on your 12 for the year, write each idea on a notecard.

3. Then shuffle the notecards and, without looking at the ideas, place them in 12 separate envelopes. Then label each envelope with a month of the year.

4. At the beginning of each month, open up the corresponding envelope and pick a date to make it happen that month. Then add it to your calendar and arrange for childcare if needed.

That’s it! Work together. Be intentional. Make marriage happen.

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A Year of Date Ideas - Make Marriage HappenA Year of Date Ideas - Make Marriage HappenA Year of Date Ideas - Make Marriage Happen