Victor & Kristin
The Details

Victor and Kristin’s wedding was our last one of 2012.

For that reason alone, it was special, but then they had to go and be all amazing and stuff. I wrote about some of the highlights here.

Besides all of the moments that brought me to tears, I can’t stop thinking about their details. Kristin’s wedding dress was definitely my favorite of the year. It might even be my favorite ever. And I can’t stop telling people about her blue satin flats. Every time she lifted her dress, they peeped out and stole the show. Having the bridesmaids in different shades of blush gave them depth and dimension which only made them prettier. I could go on, but I’ll let you pick your favorites from the photos.



Makeup Artist: Natalie Johnston

Designer: Sara Bishop

Dress: Pronovias / Trudy’s Brides

Shoes: The Dessy Group

Hair Stylist: Shayla Murphy

Cake: Peeples Baking

Florist: The Blooming Vase

Catering: James Standfield Catering

DJ: PLM Productions



Bride and groom kissing with bridal party in the background laughing. Main Post Chapel wedding ceremony venue.Close up detail of the groom. Pale pink rose boutonniere on gray suit.Groom holding the bride with a beautiful lace veil hanging on bride's shouldersBeautiful colorful bride's bouquet.Bride's blue shoesBride portraitBlack and white shot of the mermaid wedding dress hanging from a chandelier.Detail of wedding invitations and wedding ringsWedding CakeDetail of bridesmaids and their shoes