Thursday Ramblings: Awesome Clients, Flash Mobs, and Jimmy Fallon

Y’all it’s Thursday which is practically Friday in my book. And Thursday means it’s date night and I am so ready for some down time with my husband.

Not my business partner, but my husband. Last night we had to prep for our tax meeting which took place this morning so you know I am even more ready to let loose. Running your own business is no joke! But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I am beyond grateful to wake up and do something that I love. Not to mention, we work with the very best clients anyone could ask for. A friend recently asked me if our clients were really as amazing as I make them sound. You make it seem like you guys are BFFs, she said. When you have clients whose family and friends create flash mobs at the reception, how could you not want to become BFFs with them? Yes, that really happened at Anthony and Nicole’s wedding. Our clients really are that sweet and that fun, I told her.

In other news, is anyone watching Jimmy Fallon these days? I’m completely obsessed. I’m now requesting Jimmy Fallon lunch breaks. Earlier this week Vitaliy and I did precisely that. We made lunch and sat down to enjoy some much needed laughter. I had to put down my plate when I watched this lip sync battle because I was laughing so hard. But our favorite skit to date is this Obama-Putin conversation that we’ve had on repeat at our house. In light of all that’s going on in Ukraine, sometimes you need a little laughter to stomach the difficulties.

Well friends, that’s a little Thursday ramblings from me. I’m off to round out my day and close up shop. Any good videos you want to share for a lunch break laugh-fest tomorrow? Have a great night everyone!