The Office

Pictilio Office SpacePictilio Office SpacePictilio Office SpacePictilio Office SpacePictilio Office Space

Towards the end of 2012, Vitaliy and I decided it was time to take the jump. I was going to quit my full-time, insurance providing, corporate job of 7 years.

We had a bit saved up, but our main focus was lowering our monthly expenses. Rent in the bay area is very expensive so we knew the answer was to downsize. But we had no idea just how small we’d end up going. Our life trajectory has appeared to be the opposite of the American dream. While everyone is searching for bigger space, our homes have gone from a 4 bedroom townhouse, to a 2 bedroom condo, to a two room in-law unit. We now live and work in a 350 sq foot space.

Everyone we knew was concerned for us. They were especially concerned for our marriage. Where will you go if you need some space during a fight? To the kitchen, I guess, is how I answered. We had no idea how we were going to make such a small space work, but we were determined. We just celebrated our two year anniversary in this space and we are looking for ways to stay here as long as we can. We love it!

Not only has it enabled us to do what we love, but making this sacrifice has also taught us an invaluable lesson. We really don’t need that much to be happy. In fact, it’s incredibly freeing to live with less. Every time we give away or sell more of our stuff I feel another weight lifted off my shoulders. Are there days when I dream of a bigger home? Of course! (The incredible window light we get and the sweet family we rent from definitely help make this space all the more special.) But for now, I’m going to enjoy this home, continue doing what I love, and learn in the process.

Here’s a little peak at our homemade office space. Vitaliy built that desk himself! You can sometimes find us working here or at a coffee shop. But most often, I’m curling up on the loveseat (not pictured) working and dreaming away.