The Lie:
Just Push Through

A friend asked me yesterday if I enjoy marriage. My answer was yes, and then I ended with a big fat BUT.


It totally depends on how much you decide to invest into the relationship. Vitaliy and I photographed 5 weddings in the past month. That doesn’t include other projects or shoots that we also worked on. About halfway through the month, we both began to see and feel the effects the busy season was having on our relationship. We started to neglect our marriage and could tell by the way we were treating one another.

In the past, we would have just told ourselves to push through. That things would work themselves out once we got past this busy season. But we learned the hard way that it just doesn’t work that way. Putting off the necessary attention your relationship needs will only make things more difficult when you finally decide to face the issue.

This time when things started heating up, we looked back on the years past. We chose to get our priorities straight and put our marriage in it’s rightful place. What our relationship needed most was time; we each needed some undivided attention. But if you are like us, who has extra time? It’s true, something had to be sacrificed in order to find the time. But I never had any regrets. I know we wouldn’t have made it through our three wedding weekend as a unified team if we hadn’t made the investment the week before. It was another reminder that other areas of life benefit when we keep our priorities right.

Another favorite from Jeffrey and Phoebe’s wedding.