The Lab Display

Last week, we shared with you the first steps we took as a featured vendor of The Lab Event.

After completing the 50s throwback engagement photos, the next item of business was to prepare our portfolio display. We were told that we’d be given a 2’ by 7’ perforated sheet of metal to decorate and display our images however we liked. The options were endless! This can often times make design and decision making all the more difficult.

These were the questions we asked ourselves.

How do you reflect who you are in a 2′ by 7′ space?

How do you make it interactive so it feels like an experience?

How do we keep it true to our brand?

After a long brainstorming session, a mental breakdown or two, and a few late nights, we finally designed and created the following display for The Lab Event. We found inspiration on Pinterest for framing the metal sheet and using the clipboards. But the overall look and feel of the board was inspired by our website.

Pictilio is all about couples and telling their love story so this helped us decide which photos we wanted to feature. We like to keep design simple and clean so the clipboards helped and were each pinned to the board with magnets. We wanted to shimmer and shine – who doesn’t – so we incorporated elements of gold to add a little fun and flare. We featured our tagline “Your Love. In Focus.” to reinforce what our brand is all about. Each clipboard included a little gold heart to add romance, show we care about the little details, and of course, keep things practical by covering up the Staples logo on the clip. And lastly, to make the board interactive, people could grab and take home date ideas from the envelopes which also act as our business cards.

We were thrilled with the final product! So much so that we couldn’t let it all go to waste. Some of the elements are now displayed on our refrigerator to keep our vision alive and to remind us to pray for our sweet clients’ marriages.

PIctilio Display Board at LAB Event