The eyes of Pictilio

Vitaliy and I often refer to me as the “voice” of Pictilio.

I am the one who usually corresponds with our clients over email. And I am the one who writes for this blog. But sometimes, I feel like it’s an inaccurate portrayal.

Vitaliy is definitely the “eyes” of Pictilio; the majority of the pictures displayed come from his handiwork. But even more than that, he is my inspiration. He inspires a lot of the things I write about and he is definitely a reason I am excited to celebrate love.

I keep saying that I want him to write for Pictilio because I feel like he has so much to offer. He hasn’t agreed to officially write, but he was willing to give you a little glimpse inside. Here is V’s version of the post I wrote about myself a few weeks ago. Enjoy!

10 things you may or may not need to know about me.

1. I enjoy a glass of scotch and a cigar.
2. I am very ticklish, and Candace takes advantage of it.
3. I buy things I don’t need or want just to get a deal.
4. I consider my moustache to be my greatest asset.
5. I fall asleep listening to movie soundtracks.
6. Sometimes when I step in front of a mirror I act out a fictional character.
7. I am a book fiend.
8. I required Candace to like garlic and sour cream before we could get married.
9. I always fill my tea cup to the brim.
10. I am a rebel.