Take Note Of
The Good

Let’s just go ahead and say those four lovely words we all love to say, Thank God It’s Friday!

This week has been an exceptionally difficult one. Emotionally. There really is no big secret or reason behind the emotions other than the fact that I’m a woman. But my poor husband has been so incredibly supportive through it all. He constantly teaches me what patience and grace look like through our marriage and the way he loves me.

In marriage, and really in all aspects of life, it’s so easy to focus on the negative. For example, if you were to tell me 9 good things about me and 1 negative thing, guess which item my mind will be mulling over. The one negative! Don’t we do this with our spouses? We keep track of all their wrong doing and quickly lose track of all the good.

I love this idea that Kate from StyleSmaller shared with us about how she is being more intentional in her marriage. She decided to make a conscious effort in keeping track of the good and forgiving and extending grace for the not so good. She started this journal to help her remember the sweet good things that she doesn’t want to soon forget. Here’s a snapshot we took of her new thankful journal.

Whether it’s a physical notebook, or possibly a notes tab on your phone, let’s start taking note of all the good things we can be thankful for regarding our spouses. There will be so many more than we think. Focus on the good. Be intentional. Make your marriage happen!

Let’s start right now! Leave me a comment and share one big or small thing your spouse did for you this week that you don’t want to soon forget. Go!