Super Duper

They might as well call it Super Duper French Fries.

This San Francisco hamburger joint did nothing but impress me with their very own version of the SF staple – garlic fries. While most establishments, including AT&T Park, home of the Giants, pile their fries with shredded garlic, Super Duper infuses their garlic in butter and lightly drizzle it over the fries. Then they sprinkle on cheese that looks identical to shredded garlic leaving these fries deceptively delicious.

Homemade pickles and organic soft serve ice cream are two other items that make this place unique. While their hamburgers are delicious, Vitaliy and I opted for a veggie burger and a Portobello mushroom sandwich this time around. Both left us satisfied and happy. If you are in the area, be sure to check out Super Duper Burger. It’s the kind of place that will leave you coming back for more.