Stop & Celebrate

Vitaliy and I have a tendency to strive. To exert oneself vigorously; try hard. Though this does result in a good work ethic, it can also easily have negative consequences.

Going on our fourth year of running a business as husband and wife, we have had to learn to set boundaries and continually check our priorities. I shouldn’t say “have learned” because in reality it’s a constant work in progress.

One of the things we decided to do differently this year is to stop and celebrate our accomplishments in order to cultivate a spirit of thankfulness. It’s very easy to notice all the things you haven’t done yet, but it takes discipline to notice the ones you have.

So we’re extremely thankful to celebrate that Josh and Shelby’s beautiful winter wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty. If you enjoyed their wedding, check out SMP to see more pictures.

It’s almost March! What are you thankful for so far this year? Let’s not wait until December to notice.