Ice Cream Shop

As you all know, I am from St. Louis where frozen custard is the reigning champ of ice cream.

Since moving to the bay area over 7 years ago, I have yet to find an ice cream shop to rival my beloved Ted Drewe’s back home. I have since grown fond of the tangy tartness of frozen yogurt and hold off on ice cream until I make a trip home where I can get the real deal.

BUT…I recently discovered Smitten Ice Cream. It has the old school charm of my beloved Ted Drewe’s with the modern hipsterness that is so San Francisco. It’s not frozen custard so it’ll never be at the top of my list, but it does have unique features that make it admiringly delicious.

  • It’s one of a kind! Literally. The owner, Robyn Sue Fischer, spent five years developing an ice cream machine that runs on liquid nitrogen.
  • Every cup of ice cream is made to order right in front of your eyes. Edible artistry!
  • It’s smooth and creamy just how I like it!
  • Robyn uses all natural and locally grown ingredients like a true SF foodie. I’d expect nothing less!
  • And their shop is located in one of my favorite neighborhoods, Hayes Valley.

I can’t take credit though, it was our awesome clients Larry and Amy who led us here. As we encouraged them to approach their engagement session as a date, they opted to start things off at Smitten Ice Cream. We had so much fun and the ice cream was so delicious, I knew I had to share it with all of you. Grab your love and head to Smitten! With your ice cream in hand, stroll around the park across the street or walk the neighborhood of Hayes Valley. Then come back and thank me later!