It all started on the corner. She laughed as she told the story. He met me on the corner.

Most girls might avoid starting a story like that, but not Jamie, because that’s precisely how it happened. While waiting to cross the street in downtown San Mateo, Seth drove by and acutely recognized her, the pretty brunette. And this is where the story diverges. Seth recalls sending her a text message to invite her to an event that night, but Jamie swears he yelled out the window. A drive by invitation.

Thankfully, their stories come back together and are completely agreeable on one important point. Jamie did attend the party that night and they did start a conversation that neither wanted to end.

But let’s not forget that special corner. Three years later, Seth brought Jamie back to the infamous location and asked if she would be his wife. Now they’ll get to have those never ending conversations before bed and they can pick things right back up in the morning.

Seth and Jamie, do I really need to tell you how crazy we are about the two of you? I doubt it! But just in case, we are TOTALLY crazy about you two and extremely thrilled about your upcoming wedding. Congratulations! You two were destined to be husband and wife. xoxo – V & C